DVP Solar and Glentra, a strategic combination towards a future that promotes the green energy transition

In June 2024, Glentra acquired 100% of DVP Solar

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Our company has emerged to lead the way in photovoltaic development.
  • What is Glentra?

    - A fund manager specialised in energy transition infrastructure with extensive knowledge of the sector.
    - Glentra has the ambition to deliver attractive returns to their investors while simultaneously accelerating the green energy transition.

    What does Glentra do?

    Glentra invests in companies that build, service or integrate the energy infrastructure of the future by delivering decarbonization solutions to societies and businesses.

    Investment focus

    - Energy generation. Companies directly engaged in the development of renewable energy infrastructure assets such as offshore/onshore wind, solar, energy storage, and other related sectors.
    - Energy services. Companies supplying components or services to the renewable energy industry with an opportunity to capture growth and internationalisation.
    - Energy Integration. Companies focused on deploying solutions that promote the low carbon transition e.g. through storage, energy efficiency, grid optimization and EV networks.

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