Corporate Compliance

Sustainability in its triple perspective (ESG) is an intrinsic part of the essence of our activity.

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Our commitment with the Environment
We develop our activity in a sustainable way
At DVP Solar, we are committed to the use of photovoltaic technology as a vector for socio-economic growth, as well as a solution to the serious climate challenges facing our planet. We carry out our activities in an environmentally friendly manner, always ensuring that none of our projects affect biodiversity in any way. DVP Solar develops projects aligned with EU directives aimed at improving energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources.
Our commitment with People
We respect the integrity and dignity of individuals
Our commitment to the promotion and defense of Human Rights in all the countries where we are present and in all our activities is absolute. We categorically reject:
  • ANY TYPE OF CHILD LABOUR. Neither the Company nor any third party working with us may employ child labour.
  • WE REJECT ANY FORM OF FORCED OR COMPULSORY LABOUR. The work of our employees and the employees our subcontractors and suppliers, must always be voluntary and remunerated.
  • WE DO NOT TOLERATE DISCRIMINATION on any grounds or personal status (age, race, colour, sex, religion, political opinion, sexual orientation, or disability). We are committed to ensuring that our employees and collaborators are always treated with respect for their diversity.

Our commitment to business ethics, integrity and honesty must go beyond mere
compliance with legal framework.
Our commitment must be framed in the context of the most rigorous ethical standards because we understand that ethics and integrity are a hallmark of distinction with our clients, suppliers, partners, and collaborators.

This Code of Ethics, which has been ratified by our Board of Directors, reflects this commitment to the highest ethical standards.
Below you will find our whistleblowing channel, available not only to report breaches or suspicions of inappropriate actions, but also doubts, concerns or suggestions regarding ethics and regulatory compliance.
Operating Policy and Privacy Policy of the Whistleblowing Channel.

We must contribute to the social and economic development
of the local communities in which we operate.
We collaborate with the communities through corporate social responsibility actions and by encouraging the hiring of local labour or collaborators.

When developing a project, we consider action plans for local employment, in many cases in coordination with town councils, municipalities and local authorities. We study the impact on employment both during the construction and maintenance of our plants, considering not only the sectors that are directly affected but also indirectly.
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